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Welcome to short stories at the Student Center!

This brand new addition to the Student Center may be our best! With short stories, you can write, edit, update, rate, review, and rank your own personal stories. In addition, you can search, browse, and bookmark your favorite stories that you find.

With the mystories page, you have total control over all your stories. From here you can add chapters, edit chapters, change a stories general information, choose privacy settings, check to see how many people are reading your story, and, if you really want to, delete a story (don't delete a story! you put so much work into it!)
On the read stories page, you can read all the chapters of your story, or the story of your favorite author! Check out ratings, rankings, reviews - if you like it (or don't), you can tell the author yourself by adding a review!

Well, what are you waiting for! Get started!!!
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